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Our are offering competitive Finance & Insurance Packages to suit all of our client's needs.

Whether you are financing for a business or for your private use, we have products and services that will serve your every requirement. Our finance staff are highly qualified and experienced to advise you on the most appropriate package for your budget.

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All things mechanical run the risk of breaking down at some point in time.  The modern vehicle is extremely complex, with thousands of sophisticated moving parts. Which means that, should anything go wrong, the cost of repairs can sometimes come as a shock.

The question is, will you be financially prepared to meet the costs of repair when the time comes?

We offer warranty options for most types of vehicles, and motorcycles which can minimize and even remove any financial risk to you should any unforeseen breakdowns occur.

In addition, we can provide you with 24 hour / 7 Days per week Emergency Roadside Assistance Membership, to ensure that any inconvenience associated with these types of events are taken care of.

When you sign your contract with Kwick Finance , you will be offered applicable warranty options and prices, as well as be explained your duties and requirements to maintaining your warranty.